Welcome to the exhibition "World skeleton kings - brother Dukuri" from 2th February till 30th June 2016.

In 21st century, we can be proud of world and European champions, winners of world and European cups, Olympians and Paralympians who have represented Latvia in various sports events.

Sports in Latvia is like a garden that has been taken care of and cherished since ancient Latvian games, from ice skating using bone skates on ice on river Daugava at the pedestal of Daugmale hill fort (Daugmales pilskalns) to first Latvian attempts to acquire different kinds of movement pieces as gymnastics, swimming, running, wrestling and weightlifting.


An exhibition called Latvia Sports Stars that lights up 43 brightest stars in our sports heaven.

The journey from the first Olympic medal to the last gold medal is revealed, and the exhibition is formed to play the role of a signpost to them who are dreaming to participate in Olympic Games. Step by step in chronological order plane tables exposed in three storeys tells us about the success of legendary Latvian athletes of past and present. It begins with the brilliant lifter Jānis Krauze (1893-1919) and ends with the Latvian Iron man (Dzelzs vīrs) ice hockey player Kārlis Skrastiņš (1974-2011).